Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kids Picks - July

How is it already July?!? somehow I've been missing Kids Picks lately but I was determined to participate this month!!!

We are moving right along in our reading challenges...Tucker has completed 12 books for the Borders challenge and got Johnny Tremaine as his free book. He also has to keep track of the books he reads and will receive a certificate for participating in Summer Reading when he goes back to school. We're also participating in the summer reading challenge at our library and he needs to read either 5 picture books or 20 minutes a day (each week). We've ended up doing a combination of these so far depending on his mood.

We've been listening to audio books this summer and have completed Wizard of Oz, which as a major fan of the movie I was surprised I had never read it! We both really enjoyed it and I loved how intently he listened to it! It was SO different from the movie version and I really enjoyed talking with Tucker about the differences.

In addition to reading a few Magic Tree House books, the last one being High Tide in Hawaii, we've been listening to the books on CD! It's been fun catching up on some of the earlier ones we missed.

We've been going through Tucker's books lately and came upon this favorite! A couple of Christmas's ago, Santa brought him this Curious George book and CD set. We have been listening to this in the car non-stop for almost a week and he even listened to at my mom's when he was there all day Friday!


  1. I need to look into the Border's Challenge as well. Thanks for the reminder. I think that Barnes and Nobel usually does something too.

    I'm glad you got a post written this month! Summer's hard. I'm supposed to have all this extra time, but so far it's been SO busy.

    Also from 5minutesforbooks.com

  2. I don't know anything about the Border's program- I should check into that.

    And my son went through a time when he was SO in love with the Magic Tree House books-- I can't wait to share them again with my daughter soon.

    -Dawn (5minutesforbooks.com)

  3. I haven't tried listening to books on CD yet with my kids. Will have to give it shot soon.