Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oliver Twist Read-Along: Part Two

I have to admit, I am enjoying this book. Much more than I ever imagined I would enjoy Dickens.

When last we left unfortunate Oliver, he had been left for dead by Fagin and his cronies after a failed robbery. He makes his way to a house and at first is accused of robbing the house but his injuires indicate otherwise.

The women of the home, Mrs. Maylie and her niece Rose, take a liking to him and help to nurse him back to health. As he begins to tell them of his story, they feel sympathy for him and like him all-the-more.

Some of my favorite scenes, surprising to me, involved Mr. Bumble and his wife, who is quite the nag. I enjoyed seeing him reduced to having to "obey" his wife and also liked the paradox between how he treated the orphans and how he is now being treated.

Towards the end of this section, we are introduced to a shady character by the name of Monks, who is looking for information regarding the circumstances surrounding Oliver's birth. I don't trust him and fear he is only up to no-good.

I am looking forward to the final part of the book and finding out how all the pieces fit together!

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