Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Children's Award-Winning Classics

Sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom, this carnival highlights great award-winning classics! My computer was down for a couple of months and I missed last month so...I'm doing a catch-up post!

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall (National Book Award Winner)

I have been wanting to read this one for awhile and this challenge gave me the perfect excuse! This was defeinitely a light-read, a fun-read, and I found myself completely absorbed in the tale of these four sisters, their widowed dad, and their summer adventure!

Johnny Tremaine by Esther Forbes (Newberry Award)

We got this book for free as part of the Summer Reading Challenge at Borders. I started reading it with Tucker but he was too overwhelmed by all the detail at the beginning and told me "save it, though, I will read it it in a few years" and I think he will. I really enjoyed it and couldn't read it fast enough. I haven't read too much about the Boston Tea Party-era and think I may have to now! My interest has been piqued!

Number the Stars
by Lois Lowry (Newberry Award)

Another one that's been on my TBR list for awhile. I enjoyed the closeness that the two girls share and their friendship that endures anything. this was another quick read for me (I couldn't put it down) and was sorry to see it end!


  1. My son and I read the Penderwicks book last year maybe, and we both loved it! Such a fun and innocent book that is still full of adventure and interest. I look forward to reading it with my two younger children, too!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    -Dawn, 5 Minutes for Books

  2. I remember reading Johnny Tremain when I was in elementary school. I still remember the story.